Staff and Partners - Briefing Paper

Staff and Partners - Briefing Paper

The 3PO: Interviews with Police Officers/Staff and Partners—Briefing Paper investigates the online risks, harms, and protection needs of police officers and/or staff and their partners through interviews with 49 officers/staff and 12 partners.

Here is a summary of the recommendations:

  • Greater clarity and guidance are needed for officers and staff to report threats and risks in their private online lives.
  • Addressing threats and risks in personal online use as matters of support and well-being, rather than just professional standards, is crucial.
  • Broader psychological support should be provided for officers and staff, with a cultural shift towards considering psychological assistance as normal as physical support.
  • Recognise the internet's integration into daily life and adapt expectations regarding online passivity.
  • Develop new guidelines for younger officers and staff who have grown up with online technology, and consider the implications for future specialist roles.

These recommendations aim to address the evolving challenges faced by police officers and staff in dealing with online risks and to improve support and well-being within the police force.

You can download the 3PO Interviews with Police Officers/Staff and Partners Briefing Paper below.