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3PO, Protecting public-facing professionals and their dependents online

In 3PO, we aim to better understand the challenges, risks and harms police officers and their families face when they are online and to develop direct, sustainable solutions to protect this group from online harms, to safeguard their physical and mental wellbeing and ultimately to empower their full participation in the online domain. 

During the course of the project, 3PO will:

  • Build a solid understanding of the specific harms, risks and privacy needs of police officers and their dependants
  • Expand and enrich current conceptualisations of privacy, consent and visibility management towards contexts in which online presences are collectively managed/negotiated within family and organisational structures
  • Co-create advanced tools, mechanisms and solutions that empower the secure participation of this group online

This project has been supported through the UKRI Strategic Priority Fund as part of the wider Protecting Citizens Online programme and is part of the National Research Centre on Privacy, Harm Reduction and Adversarial Influence Online (REPHRAIN) Network.

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