3PO newsletter #3

3PO newsletter #3

Welcome to the latest issue of the 3PO newsletter. In this edition, we share updates and insights from our ongoing work under the 3PO project, which aims to enhance online safety for public-facing professionals and their families. This work is conducted in collaboration with leading UK universities and research centers, as well as police forces and the Home Office.

Highlights from this issue include:

  • The launch of the [re]Searchlight podcast, discussing the personal experiences of police families facing online abuse.
  • Insights from a recent wellbeing conference focused on mental health in policing.
  • New briefing papers that outline our research findings and the technological solutions we are developing.

We also invite all serving police officers and staff to participate in the 3PO National Survey to help us better understand and address the online harms you face.

The coming months will be busy with policy roundtables and World Caf├ęs. These events are crucial for sharing findings and discussing future initiatives.

For a more detailed read, including specific event dates and how to get involved, please click here for the full version of the 3PO newsletter #3.